At Voyance Watches we create elegant timepieces, where our main goal is to preserve the traditional watch but with modernized design.

Every single watch piece is taken into account to achieve the highest conceivable result. Where
all of our elements on our timepieces are well designed and carefully prepared to ensure the highest quality.

The Legacy S

Celebrate nobility and class

Discover the all new Voyance Legacy S

The Legacy S is more than an ordinary watch.
It’s an uncompromising vision of creating an elegant watch with spectacular design.

The captivating design of the Legacy S is characterized by its well selected elements;
The rose gold plated case made of stainless steel. Its hand-applied polished hour markers and its railway-track minute scale. 

Thickness of only 6.5mm

One of the key elements of the Legacy S is its incredible thin case which makes it the thinnest watch case we have ever created. Which means wearing it is more natural and comfortable.

Wear it with comfort
People love our genuine leather straps. The Legacy S has a genuine black leather strap with elegant croco pattern.

This watch will expire. Will be replaced with new model.

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The Avenir S

A statement of Modern Elegance

The Avenir S, The result of a great assemblage.

Our goal with the Avenir S was to do a twist in how traditional watches look; By applying its signature azure blue hands and the hand-applied hour markers.
The result is more than just a new look.

The moment when you are unboxing the Avenir S, it’s gorgeous, elegant hands just pops into focus.
And it all comes with it’s thinnest case ever at only 6.5mm.

We believe that a comfortable watch is essential for a great watch experience.
The genuine chocolate brown leather strap with elegant croco pattern makes the Avenir S not only more gorgeous.
But also allowing for more comfort regardless of wrist size.

Completed with a rose gold plated case in stainless steel.

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